Trust—the great leveler

Perhaps the most critical resource in engendering philanthropic support for your charity or cause is trust; trust among your investors that you will deliver on both the outcomes you tout and also the values your donors espouse.  Your fund development program will rise or fall in direct proportion to the level of trust that your … Continue reading

Is It Them—or us?

Nonprofits often decry their lack of resources while trumpeting an ever-growing demand for their services.  The conventional wisdom is often that donors simply aren’t caring enough to want to help others; smart enough to understand how good your organization is; or even aware enough to appreciate the important work you do. There’s another possible explanation, … Continue reading

Let’s Fail–again and again

Our charitable organizations have the obligation to fail.  That is, to be leaders in innovation.  So says Seth Godin. Why?  According to Seth, because the work they are doing is far too important to play it safe.  Risk, fail, try, risk, fail, succeed. Young philanthropists, more and more, want to see solutions to problems not … Continue reading

They’re Just Lucky—we can’t

When working with my clients—charitable organizations who do worthy work in the communities they serve—I often hear some variation on this.  “That (other) organization was just lucky in raising money this year.”  “We can’t achieve results like those guys—they have the big fundraising budget.”  There are a thousand versions of this way of thinking but … Continue reading

Hear, See and Touch–yes touch

Far too often, we rarely give our donors more than a momentary thought—as in when we are waiting for the results of the last mailing to see how much it “brings in.”  It’s not necessarily that we’re ungrateful for their generous support.  It’s just that we have so much more important work to do.  The … Continue reading